the travel bug is a nasty little creature. it hits you far away from home. there is no protection, no vaccination, and unfortunately no insurance will cover the costs generated by the travelbug. even worse... when you have it, it is like an addiction. you need more. and there is no cure. so there is only one option left: travel more!

i am infected.

yepp, i got the travel bug!

most of the time i live in berlin where i work as a photographer and software & web developer. berlin definitely is a great place to be. but still, very often the travelbug's bite itches and i dream about all these far-away places where i want to go.

so, whenever i have the chance to leave home, i do so. this can be a short trip for only a few days or staying for some weeks or even months in another country. moving from one place to another and exploring new spots is great, but hanging out at one place for a longer period can be even better as it gives me the chance to dig deeper, to get a better understanding of the people, their culture and mentality.